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Video Marketing Magic – How to Build Your Brand & Business with Videos

This training includes:

WHY video marketing is powerful with real life examples of how it works
Video Marketing Tips if you are just getting started
Ideas for Topics
Secrets of Keyword Research and Implementation that Most People Don’t Know
How to Get Access to Our Super Secret Tribe Training that has helped our Tribe rank on YouTube with Lightning Speed

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Embrace The Power Within You – The Force of Love

When you read the word ‘LOVE’ what do you think of?

Your family? Your spouse? Your children?

Usually we associate love with romantic love and love for our family and friends.

Yes, we hear of love in different religions – to love one another but for some reason there is a very huge association with romanticism and love in close relationships.

At least it was that way for me until I heard this incredible audiobook.

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Four Hour Work Week Lifestyle Update – Hola from Playa Avellanas!

Hey it’s Kat here and I want to share this quick video with you!

Lots going on in our lives lately and it’s been a while since we have shot a public video (we have been sharing lots of juicy training and working on a new webinar series behind the scenes) so we wanted to share this update with you on our Four Hour Work Week lifestyle, our recent move in Costa Rica and we have a question for YOU!

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How Success at the Gym Taught Me How to Build My Online Business [13 Lessons]

Ever find that when you have a new experience or are doing something new, you relate it something in your past to better understand it?

Well, moving to Costa Rica, building an online business and pretty much doing all things ‘new’, I find that Romeo and I do this a LOT – we constantly reference old experiences to help us better understand the moment.

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