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How Success at the Gym Taught Me How to Build My Online Business [13 Lessons]

Ever find that when you have a new experience or are doing something new, you relate it something in your past to better understand it?

Well, moving to Costa Rica, building an online business and pretty much doing all things ‘new’, I find that Romeo and I do this a LOT – we constantly reference old experiences to help us better understand the moment.

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Living in Ojochal Costa Rica – Expat Life in a Sleepy Town of Costa Ballena – Photos of 2014

Not many people know about this sleepy little town located about 4 hours south towards Panama from San Jose City.

Because its a Costa Rican secret.

I made that up.

But here’s why we love it here.

It’s quiet.

There’s almost no tourists for 10 months out of the year.

And… There’s mountains, beaches, waterfalls, and just about half of the animal species of Costa Rica live in the area.

It’s perfect for us.

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3 Powerful Books About Transformation And Success

I am always looking for new books to read but there are certain books that hit me in such a way that they come to be part of those books that I constantly revisit.

The books I share in this post struck a deep chord within me, and catalyzed principles, ideas and philosophies that spurred me into action which then led me to continued growth and success.

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How To Effectively Tell Your Story on Social Media – Hangout With Toby & Layla Black

A lot of people are using social media these days for EVERYTHING – it’s a part of daily life. The thing is, as a marketer, in order to build a successful business online while leveraging social media – you need to know how to use it EFFECTIVELY to speak to your audience.

In this Pura Vida Project hangout, two social media ROCKSTARS, Toby and Layla Black, breakdown the formula with our Leadership Tribe members and really share the secrets of what social media marketers need to be doing in their business to succeed TODAY.

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